PELATIHAN SCADA System: Application and Practical Design

PELATIHAN SCADA SystemDESCRIPTION PELATIHAN SCADA System: Application and Practical Design

This Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System Training program is designed to give good understanding and knowledge on SCADA System architecture and practical design, including skill enhancement of installing-programming of Master Terminal Unit (MTU, remote terminal Unit (RTU), MTU/RTU communication, MTU/RTU Port List as well as understanding of MTU/RTU software features, MTU/RTU program down load and up load, Reading and Writing module Data of MTU/RTU, SCADA system communication protocol, MTU/RTU redundancy, MTU/RTU programming for logic and PID Regulatory control. Polling and acceptation report, Input/output server and Human Machine Interface (HMI). The focus is this course is bring the participants learning about SCDA system philosophy by hands of practice directly on the integration of MTU and RTU with SCDA system software to collect geographically distributed facility data and to optimize the management of asset

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN PELATIHAN SCADA System: Application and Practical Design

After completing this course, the participant should be able to understand the concept of SCADA system architecture and application design, build and configure the MTU and RTU modules as well, program the MTU and RTU, use sequential and PID controller implementation of MTU/RTU, Input/Output communication to get RTU data, set -up polling and exception report of MTU/RTU, link the MTU/RTU with supervisory computer and use Human Machine Interface (HMI to optimize the operation of SCADA

COURSE OUTLINE PELATIHAN SCADA System: Application and Practical Design

SCADA System Overview
* Typical SCADA System Applications
* Master Terminal Unit (MTU)
* Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) Hardware
* MTU/ RTU System Software and Configuration Set

Communication Protocol and Programming
* Ladder Logic Programming
* Logic and Sequential Programming
* Polling and Data Logging

PID Controller Programming
* Exception Reporting
* System Redundancy
* Input /Output Sever (Driver)

Human Machine Interface (HMI)
* Real Time /Historical Trending
* Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE & OPC Technology
* Historical Database System

Multi Protocol/ Multi Brand Instrument System Integration.
* Use Of GSM/ GPRS in SCADA System
* Link to Office Applications
* Discussion and Closing


The following category of professionals should attend:
* Engineers (Production, Instrumentation, Process, Electrical, Maintenance, Design/ Construction, Facilities, Maintenance, Telecommunication and Information Systems/ IT)
* Supervisors and Superintendents who support the field SCADA systems
* Team Leaders who support the SCADA systems
* Managers who responsible for SCADA systems.
* Everybody who wish to broaden their knowledge on this course subject

METHOD PELATIHAN SCADA System: Application and Practical Design

* Presentation
* SCADA System Simulation
* King fisher master terminal Unit and remote Terminal units, Ethernet Network or radio modern computer

Instructor PELATIHAN SCADA System: Application and Practical Design
Dr. Ir. Edi Leksono. M.Eng And Team

DR. Ir. Edi Leksono, M.Eng is currently a senior professor of Engineering Physics at ITB and is a professional instructor with over 15 years experience in training and consulting. Since 1984, he has consulted and taught countless short courseses for various major industries such as PT. Krakatau Steel, PT. Petrokimia Gresik, PT. Pupuk Kaltim, PT. Semen Gresik, PT. INCO Indonesia, PT. Tambang Timah Bangka, Pertamina, Caltex Pacific Indonesia, TOTAL Indonesie, Maxxus, Unocal Indonesia, ConocoPhillips Indonesia and more.

Mr. Edi received his M.Eng. in Control Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology and his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Keio University, Japan.

Jadwal Pelatihan 2020 :

  • 15 sd 16 Januari 2020
  • 29 sd 30 Januari 2020
  • 12 sd 13 Februari 2020
  • 26 sd 27 Februari 2020
  • 11 sd 12 Maret 2020
  • 18 sd 19 Maret 2020
  • 15 sd 16 April 2020
  • 22 sd 23 April 2020
  • 5 sd 6 Mei 2020
  • 13 sd 14 Mei 2020
  • 10 sd 11 Juni 2020
  • 24 sd 25 Juni 2020
  • 8 sd 9 Juli 2020
  • 22 sd 23 Juli 2020
  • 12 sd 13 Agustus 2020
  • 26 sd 27 Agustus 2020
  • 9 sd 10 September 2020
  • 23 sd 24 September 2020
  • 7 sd 8 Oktober 2020
  • 21 sd 22 Oktober 2020
  • 4 sd 5 November 2020
  • 14 sd 19 November 2020
  • 2 sd 3 Desember 2020
  • 16 sd 17 Desember 2020

Catatan : Jadwal dapat menyesuaikan dengan kebutuhan anda.

Biaya dan Lokasi Pelatihan :

  • Jakarta : Hotel Amaris Kemang, Amaris Tendean,Trinity Hotel, Ibis Budget | Biaya Pelatihan : Rp. 7.500.000 / peserta(Minimal 2 Peserta).
  • Bandung : Hotel Santika, Hay Hotel,Ibis Style, Novotel Hotel, Golden Flower Hotel, 1O1 Hotel, Grand Tjokro Hotel, Tune Hotel, Four Point by Sheraton Hotel | Biaya Pelatihan : Rp. Rp. 7.000.000 / peserta(Minimal 2 Peserta).
  • Yogyakarta : Hotel NEO+ Awana, Cordela Hotel,Ibis Style, Boutique Hotel, Cavinton Hotel, Mutiara Hotel, Dafam Malioboro Hotel, Prima Inn Hotel | Biaya Pelatihan : Rp. 6.500.000 / peserta(Minimal 2 Peserta).
  • Surabaya : Novotel Hotel, Ibis Center Hotel, HARRIS Hotel, Favehotel, Alana Hotel | Biaya Pelatihan : Rp.6.800.000 / peserta(Minimal 2 Peserta).
  • Malang : Amaris Hotel, The 1O1 Hotel, Ibis Style Hotel, El Hotel, Whiz Prime Hotel | Biaya Pelatihan : Rp. 6.800.000 / peserta(Minimal 2 Peserta).
  • Bali : Ibis Kuta, Fontana Hotel, HARRIS Hotel & Conventions | Biaya Pelatihan : Rp. 6.500.000 / peserta (Minimal 3 Peserta).
  • Lombok : Favehotel, Novotel Lombok, D Praya Hotel | Biaya Pelatihan : Rp. 7.000.000 / peserta (Minimal 3 Peserta).

Catatan : Biaya diatas belum termasuk akomodasi/penginapan. Apabila ada pertayaan mengenai materi, biaya, lokasi, jadwal dan penawaran lainnya, hubungi kami di nomor CS kami.

Fasilitas Pelatihan di

  1. Penjemputan dari Hotel/Bandara/Stasiun/Terminal.
  2. Training Kit (Dokumentasi photo, Blocknote, ATK, Flashdisk, dll).
  3. Transportasi Peserta ke tempat pelatihan.
  4. 2x Coffe Break & 1 Lunch (Makan Siang).
  5. Training Room Full AC and Multimedia.
  6. Free Bag or Bagpackers (Tas Training).
  7. Softfile Foto Training
  8. Sertifikat Pelatihan.
  9. Souvenir Exclusive.

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